Lynn Camp awarded “Best New Delegation” at KY United Nations Assembly

A group of Lynn Camp students believe they have the solution to end abuse of civil rights in Syria. 

Ten Lynn Camp students joined more than 40 schools and 500 other students at the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) in Louisville for a three-day experimental learning conference in which students participated directly in simulated international diplomacy.


Lynn Camp’s Chase Turner, Jimmy Tipton, Austin Woolum, Destiney Hall, Heather Wilson, Rhea Carter, Shelby Green, Breanna White, Emily Partin, and Pamela Collins worked together for six weeks to build a booth, write a proposal, create cultural attire, and master a performance representing the country of Turkey.  Students also used this time to fundraise for their trip, which took place March 14-16.

The students developed “a proposal to impose economic sanctions on Syria due to the government abuse of citizen civil rights,” said Leah Stoner, an English teacher at Lynn Camp which assisted the group.

The proposal earned KUNA’s award for best new delegation out of the schools and students present.   Their proposal also passed the delegation summit and was awarded delegation of excellence.  Freshman Rhea Carter was named outstanding delegate.

KUNA offers students the opportunity to experience the richness of cultures from around the world, develop empathy, and hone their critical thinking skills while engaging with a wide variety of perspectives and global issues.