Knox’s Success for All featured at Kentucky Leads the Nation Summit

The Knox County Public Schools were in the spotlight on Wednesday as a featured school district at the Kentucky Leads the Nation Summit in Louisville, Kentucky.   Knox County’s success with the Success for All (SFA) reading program was part of the summit’s investing in innovation focus session.

Superintendent Walter T. Hulett joined SFA co-founder Dr. Robert Slavin to discuss the district’s increase in reading levels since implementing the SFA program.   Knox County was one of only two school districts being featured during the two day event.  Also in attendance were Dennis Bega, senior policy advisor to U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, David Adkisson, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce President & CEO and Chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce’s Education committee, national experts, and members of the Kentucky General Assembly.

“It is an honor to take part in this summit; all eyes will be on the innovative teaching strategies and programs presented that are proven to improve student achievement,” said Hulett.

“In 2009, 48% of our elementary students were at or above grade level.  In 2011 that percentage increased to 64% as a result of the district’s implementation of SFA.”

The greatest gains in Knox County came from Dewitt Elementary which in 2009 had 44% reading on or above proficiency on the KCCT assessment.  In 2010, reading proficiency climbed to 82%, a 38% increase at the school.  Other gains can be seen across the district when comparing baseline data from when the school started the program to the end of the school 2011.    

Superintendent Hulett shared with Board members additional details of his presentation during the August 23, 2011 meeting of the Knox County Board of Education.