Knox teams advance in Odyssey competition

Knox County students showed off their creative problem solving skills as the annual Odyssey of the Mind competition kicked off with the Eastern Regional Tournament on Saturday, February 26.

Several of the teams won their problem and now advance to the state level.   The Eastern Regional was held at Shelbyville Middle School.

Knox Central High School, 1st Place

Problem 1, Division 3

Problem 4, Division 3

Problem 5, Division 3

Central Elementary, 1st Place

Problem 5, Division 1

Flat Lick Elementary, 2nd Place

Problem 3, Division 2

Knox Central High School, 3rd Place

Problem 2, Division 3

Problem 3, Division 3

Girdler Elementary, 3rd Place

Problem 5, Division 1

Problem 1, Pet Project, the Knox Central team designed, built, and ran three vehicles that delivered parts to an assembly area. The team also had to create a signal that lets the audience know which vehicle was about to travel.

Problem 2, The Email Must Go Through, the Knox Central team created a performance that included a technical representation of messages being sent by email.


Problem 3, ARTchitecture: The Musical, Flat Lick and Knox Central teams created and presented an original performance that included a replica of documented architectural structure that was built between 1,000 AD and 1,600 Ad. The performance was to include three works of art that “disappear” and two character that go on a quest to find them. The performance also had to contain some type of choreographed movement.

Problem 4, Tumble-wood, the Knox Central team designed and built a structure made only of balsa wood and glue that would balance and support as much weight as possible. The students also had to present a commercial that included the structure rolling down a ramp. The structure was scored for how far it rolled and how much weight it held.

Problem 5, It’s How You Look at It, Girdler, and Central Elementary teams have to create and present a performance that included exploring the ocean and making discoveries. Along the way, they encountered three different types of sea life and a humorous Captain character.

Problem 5, Knox Central teams had to  create and present an original humorous performance that includes two characters that act naturally — to them — but odd to those around them. One scene will establish the “normal” behavior of one character that, at some point in the performance, finds itself among others who react to the out-of-place behavior. The other character’s behavior will stand out too, but this character will end up in a setting where its odd behavior is considered normal. The performance will also include a meter that indicates the degree of odd/normal behavior and a creative scene change.

The state level competition will be held at Northern Kentucky University on March 9th. The world level competition will be held at Michigan State University.