Knox teachers develop websites and blogs to connect to next generation learners

While classroom websites and blogs are not new, teachers in the Knox County Public Schools are taking a fresh new approach to using these web-based tools to involve students and parents.

In a regional math workshop held at the Knox County Board on September 20, trainer Tiffaney Lavoie shared with teachers how these frequently used tools can transform  classrooms and increase parent involvement.

“I do feel teachers were very excited about the potential for Blogger and Edmodo as tools for extra practice, communication with parents, and differentiation with our mastery groups,” said Lavoie.

During the workshop teachers started creating their own blogs and Edmodo websites during the hands-on presentation.  Edmodo, which is new to some teachers, is an online classroom environment that allows students to submit assignments electronically, similar to the BlackBoard system used by colleges and universities.

“As we revise our curriculum to reflect the new common standards and work to ensure that we are preparing next generation learners, online teaching tools are becoming a necessity instead of a luxary,” stated Frank Shelton, director of Public Relations and the district’s communication efforts.

Below are a few of the teacher blogs that are currently being developed:

Alan Bradshaw, Lynn Camp Elementary – 6th Grade Math

Tracy Saunders, Lynn Camp Elementary – Curriculum Coach

Melissa May, Lynn Camp Elementary – 4th Grade Math

Megan Carnes, Lay Elementary, 4th Grade Math

Selina Dunaway, Knox County Middle, 7th Grade Math

Leeann Mills, Knox Central High School, 9th grade Pre-Algebra and Curriculum Coach

Virgie Patterson, Dewitt Elemenatry, 3rd Grade

Amy Shields, Knox Central High School, 9-12 Math

Marci Messer, GR Hampton Elementary, 3rd Grade

Dorothy Warren, GR Hampton Elementary, 2nd Grade Math

Jason Cornett, Flat Lick Elementary, 4-6 Grade Math

Marti Partin, Central Elementary, 4th Grade Math & RTI