Knox Students to take EXPLORE and PLAN

Knox County’s 8th and 10th grade students will join others across the state in taking college readiness assessments during September.

EXPLORE is the first test in a series of national tests that assesses a student’s knowledge in English, math, reading, and science.   Eighth grade students take this test to assess how prepared they are to be college ready upon graduation.  Tenth grade students take the second test in the series, the PLAN, to continue to assess whether or not they are meeting benchmarks towards college readiness.

Scoring for the EXPLORE for 8th grade students is between 1 and 25, with 25 being the highest score possible.  Scoring for the PLAN for 10th grade students is between 1 and 32.

The score your child receives on either the EXPLORE or PLAN is compared to a benchmark for college readiness.  These benchmarks are used to determine if your child is on track to be successful in college or in a career once he or she graduates from high school.

If your child’s score is at or above a college readiness benchmark, then he or she is on track to be successful in that subject area or in a job using those skills.

If your child’s score is below a college readiness benchmark, then he or she can view the score sheet to see the areas that they need to work on improving knowledge and skills in during their remaining years in school before graduation.

Both the EXPLORE and PLAN assessment are pre-tests that lead to students taking the ACT during their junior year of high school and prior to entry to college.   Each score report has an estimate of what your child’s ACT will be.

College readiness benchmarks for the EXPLORE are 13 in English, 17 in math, 15 in reading, and 20 in science.   For the PLAN, benchmark scores are 15 in English, 19 in math, 17 in reading, and 21 in science.

For more information about the EXPLORE or PLAN assessment, please call or visit the counselor at your child’s school.