Knox County Public Schools Set to Save $290,636

Final details of the Knox County Public Schools’ performance-based contracting have been released, with the district set to save $290,636 in energy and maintenance costs.

The Knox County Public Schools Board of Education initially voted to approve the performance-based guaranteed energy savings project on Thursday, September 6, 2012. The contract includes many energy and maintenance saving technologies and techniques and will guarantee an annual savings of $290,636.

“This is a great opportunity for Knox County Schools to move forward with energy savings through Performance Contracting. I would like to thank the Local Planning Committee for developing the current District Facilities Plan which identified the needs at each of our schools in the district,” said Board member Marty “Hossie” Smith.

“I would also like to recognize the committee for moving two of our schools, Dewitt and Flat Lick Elementary, from transition to permanent status. Dewitt Elementary is one of our top performing schools in the district and Flat Lick Elementary is showing steady improvement in many areas. Both Flat Lick and Dewitt Elementary now qualify for the available funding for the Performance Contracting since they are back in permanent status.

“These energy saving improvements throughout the district have a guaranteed annual energy savings of $290,636.00 or more per year. This will help lower the utility cost for the school district for each year of the Performance Contract. This is another way that we can take funds that are saved and use them for student instruction in the classroom.”

Harshaw Trane, a Kentucky-based intelligent building technology and energy services provider, will implement the following changes in the district:

  • New HVAC systems in Jesse D. Lay Elementary, Lynn Camp Elementary and G.R. Hampton Elementary schools
  • Partial HVAC upgrades in Lynn Camp Middle/High School, Dewitt Elementary School
  • Lighting retrofits and upgrades throughout district
  • Building automation control retrofits and repair work at various schools throughout the district

The total cost of the project will be $9,296,000 and will be funded with proceeds from a 20-year bond issue, which was approved at the September 25th Board meeting. The project will enable the Board of Education to deliver fiscal improvements, energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint and an improved learning environment.