Knox County Art Show showcases student work

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Winners in the 2011 Knox County Art Contest were recognized during the annual Art Show held at First United Methodist Church on Monday, March 28.  

Best of show, first, second, third place, and honorable mention entries were on display for public viewing prior to the award program.  There were over 160 entries judged in this year’s contest.

The annual contest is sponsored by GFWC/KFWC Barbourville Junior Woman’s Study Club with special assistance from Knox County Community Education, Commercial Bank, and First United Methodist Church.

2nd      Caroline Combs – St. Camillus
1st       Sahil Shah – St. Camillus

1st Grade:
HM      Abel Abraham – St. Camillus
HM      Spencer Hays – St. Camillus
2nd      Ava Greer – St. Camillus
1st       Braden Castle – Barbourville 

2nd Grade:
1st       Dylan Sears – Barbourville

3rd Grade:
HM      Corey Jones – Barbourville
3rd       Elle Hays – St. Camillus
2nd      Mattie Lewis – St. Camillus
1st       Abby Martin – Barbourville

4th Grade:
1st       Megan Poff – Barbourville

6th Grade:
2nd      Grace Moses – St. Camillus
1st       Cherish Gray – GR Hampton 


HM      Regan Messer – Barbourville
3rd       Jonathan Gambrel – Lay 
2nd      Emily Gray – Dewitt
1st       Timberly Don Frederick – Lay

HM      Brooklyn Stevens – Lay, Atlee Hampshire – Girdler
3rd       Amanda Owens – GR Hampton
2nd      Abigail Disney – GR Hampton
1st       Teddi Sue Terrell – Lay

First Grade:
HM      Jacob Moses – St. Camillus
3rd       Gabriel Canineu – St. Camillus
2nd      Caitlyn Jackson – Dewitt
1st       Mashayla Brown – Dewitt

Second Grade:
HM      Trinity Mills – Dewitt, Emmy Phipps – GR Hampton
3rd       Ailee Bargo – Girdler
2nd      Amber Mason – Girdler
1st       Lauren Sanders – GR Hampton

Third Grade:

HM      Kasey Smith – Dewitt, Andrew Roach – Dewitt
3rd       Mason Logan – Barbourville
2nd      Layla Davis – Girdler
1st       Sarah Pedersen – Barbourville

Fourth Grade:
HM      Melina Durham – St. Camillus, Haylee Hammons – Barbourville
3rd       Marlee Kate Miller – Barbourville
2nd      Lydis Smith – GR Hampton
1st       Leanna Osborne – GR Hampton

Fifth Grade:
HM      Anna Daniels – Barbourville, Jonah West – GR Hampton
3rd       Jasmine Guess – Flat Lick
2nd      Jobeth Hopper– GR Hampton
1st       Peyton Ersalan – Barbourville

Sixth Grade:
HM      Daniel Blankenship – Dewitt
3rd       Hannah Riley – Girdler          
2nd      Amber Leddington – GR Hampton
1st       Carrie Beth Bargo – Girdler

Seventh Grade:
HM      Christopher Newquist – St Camillus
3rd       Ethan Jones – Barbourville Middle
2nd      Lauren Pedersen – Barbourville Middle
1st       Kristen Pedersen – Barbourville Middle

Eighth Grade:
HM      Marcus Todd – Barbourville Middle, Jessie Mize – Barbourville Middle
3rd       Arianna Owens – St. Camillus
2nd      James Collins – Knox County Middle School
1st       Tulio Canineu – St. Camillus

High School:  Drawing
HM      Charles Hall – Barbourville High , Melissa Mills – Knox Central High
3rd       Lauren Gibson – Knox Central High School
2nd      Justin Mason – Lynn Camp High School
1st       Nicole Gajda – Knox Central High School

High School:  Mixed Media
2nd      Jacob Bargo – Knox Central High
1st       Justin Mason – Lynn Camp High

High School:  Photography
2nd      Amanda Carter – Lynn Camp High
1st       Shawn Skeene – Lynn Camp High

High School: Painting
HM      Krystyn Turner – Knox Central High, Lauren Gibson – Knox Central High
3rd       Rae Dawn Smith – Barbourville
2nd      Erin Deaton – Barbourville
1st       Nicole Cajda – Knox Central High


Sarah Pedersen (Barbourville) – Preschool through 6th grade
Nicole Gajda (Knox Central) – 7th grade through high school