KCMS students get lesson in “Being Your Best” before testing

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Students at Knox County Middle School were entertained and educated at this year’s annual testing kick off show held on April 29.

Drama and dance students of Mayla McKeehan created “Being Your Best”, an entertainment consisting of scenes written and performed by students, original student choreography, monologues, and an Appalachian folkdance. KCMS students were inspired to “do your best on the test” and to “be the best person that you can be each day”.  Friendship, honesty, kindness, and love were tested in the skits.

Musical accompaniment for “Goin’ To Boston” was provided by teacher Brittany Irvin, guitar and vocals, and McKeehan accompanied with vocals.  Jeremy Ledford’s homeroom students skillfully performed this traditional “play party game”.  Clayton Owens introduced each act and read an original paragraph by Savannah Roark.  Student scenes were written by Amber Hamilton, Brandie West, Amber Miracle, Ashton Smith, Kelsey Engle, Kiersten Dunaway, Presley Peyton, and Mariah Gillespie.  Original choreography to a Beatles medley was created and performed by Presley Peyton, Markelle Smith, Summer Lambert, Whitney Hampton, Dustin Hensley, Jeffrey Adams, Nathan Cole, and Matthew Barger.

KCMS’ test kick off show actors included:  Kelsey Engle, Kiersten Dunaway, Amber Miracle, Ashton Smith, Amber Hamilton, Kailie Owens, Presley Peyton, Markelle Smith, Summer Lambert, Mariah Gillespie, Andrea Dumphord, Courtney Gray, and Duncan Gregory.  Technical assistance was provided by Lee Dales, Sarah Miles, Cheyenne Bingham, and Dustin Sabbatis.  Special assistance was provided by KCMS staff members Steve Abner, Sheila Baker, Carol Farmer, Gary Lambert, Carol Foley, and Derrick Poff.