JROTC Academic Bowl team excels; Cadets compete in Corbin Raider Challenge

The Panther Battalion at Knox Central High School continues to advance in academic and endurance challenges.

Consisting of cadets from both Knox Central and Lynn Camp High School, the Panther Battalion competed in the Corbin Raider Challenge on February 25 and in an online competition, Zero Hour Threat, during the month of February.

At the Raider Challenge, the team showed off their “Girl Power” with female cadets placing first in the tug-a-war competition.   Team members include Lexi Asher, Kimberly Brown, Michaela Pursiful, Cassidy Smith, and Megan Gray.

Cadets also placed fourth in the relay race. Other competitions included rope bridge, fitness challenge (six place) and academic challenge.

Knox County’s battalion members competed against fourteen other JROTC programs from southeastern Kentucky, central Kentucky, and Virginia. The Raider Challenge was judged and scored by Cadets at Corbin High School.

The Panther Battalion JROTC academic team competed against 1,583 teams from around the world to advance to Level II in an online competition, Zero Hour Threat. Level II began February 1st and concluded on February 15th, 2012.

The Panther Battalion JROTC academic team is composed of Cadet Lieutenant Tj Melton, Cadet Kim Brown, Cadet Sergeant Samatha Whigham and Cadet Sergeant Kendra Smith.

One of the main goals of the JROTC Academic Bowl is to prepare students for state exit/graduation exams as well as college entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT. In each level of the competition, this fast-paced event tests their knowledge using SAT/ACT-type questions in the areas of JROTC curriculum, English, Math and Science.