“High Attendance Day” set for Tuesday, September 18

Regular attendance is essential for student development and success. Schools across the state of Kentucky have chosen to designate Tuesday, September 18, as “High Attendance Day.”

On High Attendance Day elementary, middle, or high schools may compete in small school or large school categories. Awards will be determined state-wide based on each individual school’s performance, regardless of its district’s performance. The school in each category with the highest percentage attendance for that day will be awarded $500.

Locally, Flat Lick Elementary competed in the High Attendance Day competition two years ago, and won. Now it is time for schools across Knox County to compete and show other Kentucky schools that we value regular attendance and public education.

Regular attendance is essential for success in school. By attending class regularly, a student is more likely to keep up with the daily lessons and assignments, and achieve academic performance benchmarks on time. Research reflects that a child’s attendance record is one of the strongest single predictors of their academic success.

Students with irregular attendance may not develop the responsibility, self-discipline & effective work skills that are essential for success in school and life. They tend to fall behind and are continuously struggling to catch up. This diminishes their confidence and attitude toward learning. Students who accumulate unexcused absence events may be petitioned to the court system to address truancy.