Hard work pays off at Lynn Camp

Hard work is paying off for students at Lynn Camp Schools. Hard Work Cafe is a new and exciting way that the school is rewarding students that have achieved their individual goals and/or met certain criteria.

The first sneak peak of Hard Work Cafe was held before Christmas Break. Elementary and middle/high school students visited the cafe and were greeted with ping pong tables, foosball, Wii gaming systems, X-Box 360, and lounge chairs.

Students from the elementary school were the first group to explore the new environment.

“It was awesome,” said Jaxton Hammons.

“It has amazing video games,” said Jessica Miracle.

The elementary students were rewarded for their SRI scores. Each of the students scored above grade level on the assessment.

“We hope to promote the Hard Work Cafe throughout the school by encouraging students to always strive for daily success,” said Tracy Saunders, curriculum coach at Lynn Camp.

“We hope to instill in our students that hard work really does pay off and gives promising rewards.”

The school’s Family Resource Center was involved in the establishment of the Hard Work Cafe, which is located in the upstairs auditorium of the middle/high building.

The students who received the early sneak peak before the holiday break are the word of mouth advertising for the new incentive to work hard and get rewards.

“I can’t wait to go back,” said Gregory Napier.