Green Leaf Awards presented at Knox Central

The top twenty six graduating seniors at Knox Central honored the teacher or adult that has made the greatest impact on their life during a ceremony held on May 14th.

The Green Leaf award, coordinated by the school’s Youth Service Center, recognizes honorees for “planting a seed of education in the mind of a young person.”


Each student wrote a speech that was read to their Green Leaf award recipient during the ceremony. Each recipient received a framed award from the student that included a handwritten thank you note.

This year’s Green Leaf award recipients and students are:

  • Keith Broughton, presented by students Tyler Gilbert, Dakota Jake Pope, Alysha McDaries, and Michael Maiden.
  • Virgena Rhodes, presented by students Samantha Salyer, Danielle Burns, and Rashelle Hubbard.
  • Tommy Mills, presented by Bethany Mills
  • Sherry Lawson, presented by Jeremy Elliotte
  • Darren Mills, presented by Shakira Gregory
  • Brittany Smith, presented by Alexis Asher
  • Marsha Barrett, presented by Elizabeth Barrett
  • Malena Cox, presented by Edith Smith
  • Velva Barker, presented by Lori Mills
  • Gina Martin, presented by Amanda Lawson
  • Samantha Strange, presented by Tabitha Strange
  • Molly Shields, presented by students Desirae Bruner and Kimber Gray
  • Tony Allen, presented by Jerry Honeycutt
  • Mary Ann Stewart, presented by Gilmore Achenjang
  • Steve Abner, presented by Lauren Rose
  • Brandon Hillard, presented by Johnathan Barger
  • Melodie Middleton, presented by Jordan Evans
  • Lee Ann Mills, presented by Samarah Brown
  • Cloyce Hinkle, presented by Michael Mayo
  • Sam Lee, presented by Jimberly Watts

Each Green Leaf award recipient will walk the student that selected them across the stage at graduation.

View additional photos in the KCPS Photo Gallery.