Gear Up provides students chance to view “Bodies Revealed” and learn from UK medical students


Seventy seventh-grade Knox County Middle and Lynn Camp students traveled to Lexington on January 18th to view the Bodies Revealed exhibit and pair up with University of Kentucky medical students.

Funds for the trip were provided by a new grant, GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness for Undergraduate Programs), awarded to the district for the next seven years. Two specialists, Chance Hendrickson for Lynn Camp schools, and Tonya Allen for Knox Middle, will follow their cohort of students for the duration of the grant, ensuring they are on a track for academic success, not only in the public school system, but also in post-secondary education.

“This trip to the Lexington Center and the UK College of Medicine was the first of many to come,” said Hendrickson.

“This is a learning year for us. We’re trying to get to know our kids, assess their needs, and help them explore their interests.”

The Bodies exhibit allowed students to view cadavers in various displays including circulatory, respiratory, vascular, etc.

100 7399During their visit to the UK campus, students heard a presentation conducted by freshmen and sophomore medical students. The group then divided students into small groups in order to personalize their experience. After demonstrating sports injuries on medical models and reviewing common medical practices, the team transitioned to a question and answer session in which Knox students had the opportunity to ask about the academic track to becoming a med student.

“They were a little shy at first, but their curiosities quickly got the best of them and before it was over, they were asking to take pictures with their advisors,” said Allen.

“Our kids asked some great questions about their advisors’ high school experiences, which was a great opportunity for them to emphasize the importance of taking challenging classes before college.”

Plans are underway to take the students on various college and science center visits as the school year continues.

Additional photos are available in the KCPS Photo Gallery.

Photo Captions
Top: Students from Knox County Middle School are shown outside of Rupp Arena and the Lexington Convention Center while visiting the “Bodies Revealed” exhibit.
Students: Danielle Grubb and Sarah Swafford are shown reviewing common medical practices during a presentation by University of Kentucky medical students.