Game of Rummy is larger than life at LC

Article contributor:  Aaron Fore,  student at Lynn Camp

Students at Lynn Camp just recently made their mark not only in the school, but perhaps in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The technology education department worked alongside the art department to build the world’s largest deck of playing cards! Arthur Canada, head of technology education department, told the media it took five straight weeks of working five hours a day to complete the project.

Canada was also asked what sparked the idea to build the world’s largest deck of cards. He replied, “I’m not sure what sparked the original idea, we were tossing ideas around in a brainstorming session looking for a concept for a large cooperative project.”

He certainly achieved far more than just a project. The cards stood over seven feet tall, and were more than four feet wide!

The students played the world’s largest game of rummy at the end of the day on Wednesday.  A team from the tech department played a team from the art department. The tech department ended up winning, but all of the students had a blast. The students were all very excited, and we look forward to more wonderful projects in the near future!