Future scientists at Knox Middle and Lynn Camp compete in Science Olympiad

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Some of Knox County’s future scientists put their skills to the test on Saturday, March 5, during the 2011 Science Olympiad Regional Tournament held at Bluegrass Community & Technical College in Lexington.

With over 23 events in the competition, ranging from topics such as anatomy and diseases to meteorology and ecology, the team from Knox County Middle School tied for third place overall. Lynn Camp placed 10th in the overall competition.

“We are very proud of our students, they did a fantastic job” said Andrew Brock. Brock and Sandra Ramsey are the coaches of the Knox Middle team.

Science Olympiad teams were formed at both Knox County Middle and Lynn Camp for the first time earlier this year.

“This is our first year competing”, said Chasity Jeffrey, coach at Lynn Camp. “Per Valdis Zeps (regional director of the Science Olympiad), it is quite an accomplishment to place at all when it is your first year competing.”

Results from the Science Olympiad are as follows:

Event Place and Participants
Compute This 2nd, Lee Frazier and Brandon Hacker (KCMS)
Crime Busters 2nd, Devon Hurley and Aubrey Melendez (KCMS)
Disease Detectives 3rd, Aubrey Melendez and Devon Hurley (KCMS)
Dynamic Planet 4th, Dylan Roach and Tyler Davis (KCMS)
Ecology 2nd, Jenny Hammons and Amanda Bowman (Lynn Camp)
3rd, Devon Hurley and Niven Achenjang (KCMS)
Fossils 4th, Miranda Lewis and Adam Mills (KCMS)
Junkyard Challenge 3rd, Brandon Hacker and Ryan Barton (KCMS)
Meteorology 4th, Devon Hurley and Aubrey Melendez (KCMS)
Microbe Mission 3rd, Clay Sprinkles and Jonah Lockard (KCMS)
Optics 3rd, Niven Achenjang and Clay Sprinkles (KCMS)
Ornithology 2nd, Shelby Green and Fred Slusher (Lynn Camp)
4th, Adam Mills and Miranda Lewis (KCMS)
Road Scholar 3rd, Lee Frazier and Dylan Roach (KCMS)
Shock Value 4th, Lee Frazier and Brandon Hacker (KCMS)