Elementary teams advance in Governor’s Cup

The annual District Elementary Governor’s Cup competition was held on Saturday, March 2, at Girdler and Lay Elementary.

Some of the county’s top academic students competed in one of five written assessment areas (mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, and arts/humanities), composition (on-demand writing), or in Quick Recall or Future Problem Solving which are team events.

The county is split into two Governor’s Cup districts, with G.R. Hampton, Lynn Camp, Girdler, St. Camillus, and Barbourville competing in District 103 and Central, Dewitt, Flat Lick, and Lay competing in District 104.

District 103 Governor’s Cup

Mathematics Assessment
James Hatmaker, 2nd, Lynn Camp Elementary
Lori Mullins, 3rd, Lynn Camp Elementary

Social Studies Assessment
Morgan Warren, 1st, G.R. Hampton Elementary
Peyton Perkins, 2nd, G.R. Hampton Elementary
Matt Disney, 3rd, Lynn Camp Elementary
Grace Dunn, 4th,  G.R. Hampton Elementary

Science Assessment
Kobe Abner, 5th, G.R. Hampton Elementary

Language Arts Assessment
Lori Mullins, 2nd, Lynn Camp Elementary
Abigail Sharp, 4th, Lynn Camp Elementary

Arts and Humanities Assessment
Abigail Sharp, 2nd, Lynn Camp Elementary
Olivia Mitchell, 3rd, G.R. Hampton Elementary
Taylor McRight, 4th, G.R. Hampton Elementary
Vonlee Howell, 5th, Lynn Camp Elementary

Morgan Warren, 1st, G.R. Hampton Elementary
Macy Yother, 4th, G.R. Hampton Elementary

Quick Recall
Lynn Camp Elementary, 3rd
G.R. Hampton Elementary, 4th

District 104 Governor’s Cup

Mathematics Assessment
Brayden Roark, 1st, Central Elementary
Mitchell Buchanan, 2nd, Lay Elementary
Victor Bingham, 3rd, Flat Lick Elementary
Bryson Alewine, 4th, Flat Lick Elementary
Emily Mills, 5th, Central Elementary

Social Studies Assessment
Ethan Mills, 1st, Lay Elementary
Jenna Davis, 2nd, Central Elementary
Caroline Evans, 3rd, Lay Elementary
Kasey Smith, 4th, Dewitt Elementary
Taryn Mills, 5th, Central Elementary

Science Assessment
Zach Blevins, 1st, Lay Elementary
Isaac Schneider, 1st, Central Elementary
Victor Bingham, 3rd, Flat Lick Elementary
Daniel Green, 4th, Central Elementary
Madison Payne, 5th, Lay Elementary

Language Arts Assessment
Jenna Davis, 1st, Central Elementary
Delaney Sowders, 2nd, Central Elementary
Brandon Baker, 3rd, Dewitt Elementary
Madison Payne, 4th, Lay Elementary
Will Adams, 4th, Lay Elementary

Arts and Humanities Assessment
Cassidy Napier, 1st, Central Elementary
Josiah Shackleford, 2nd, Flat Lick Elementary
Raigan King, 3rd, Flat Lick Elementary
Logan Owens, 4th, Lay Elementary
Mevludin Grahic, 5th, Lay Elementary
Zach Smith, 5th, Dewitt Elementary

Emily Mills, 1st, Central Elementary
Taryn Mills, 2nd, Central Elementary
Janae Adams, 3rd, Lay Elementary
Megan Cox, 4th, Flat Lick Elementary
Monica Brown, 5th, Flat Lick Elementary

Quick Recall
Lay Elementary, 1st
Central Elementary, 2nd
Flat Lick Elementary, 3rd
Dewitt Elementary, 4th

Future Problem Solving
Central Elementary, 1st
Lay Elementary, 1st

In the Elementary (Grade 5 and below) division, students take part in a District and Regional competition. Regional competition will be held at Flat Lick Elementary on March 23.