Academic students finish successful Governor’s Cup season

After competition at the district level, Knox County’s academic students went on to win honors in Regional Governor’s Cup competition this spring.

Governor’s Cup consists of eight events including five written exams (Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Arts/Humanities), composition, quick recall, and future problem solving.  After competing at the Regional Governor’s Cup, middle and high school division students went on to compete at State held in Louisville.

Knox County’s Regional Governor’s Cup champions include:

Elementary Division

Blake Ledford, 1st Place Social Studies and 5th place Mathematics Assessment

Emma Aber, 4th Place Composition

Bryce Imel, 5th Place Arts and Humanities Assessment

Lay Elementary, 4th Place FPS and Quick Recall Team Events

Middle School Division

Abram Mills, 2nd Place, Mathematics Assessment

Knox County Middle, 3rd Place Quick Recall Team


High School Division

T.J. Melton, 2nd Place Social Studies Assessment

Clay Sprinkles, 3rd Place Science Assessment

Knox Central, 3rd Place Quick Recall Team