Academic League celebrates 2012 season

The Knox County Academic League wrapped up their 2012 season with an awards program at Knox County Middle School on Tuesday, December 4.

Participants, top school teams, individual MVP’s, and overall league MVP’s received certificates and trophies during the awards program. League coordinator Billie Ferguson was assisted by Knox County Superintendent Walter T. Hulett and assistant superintendents Kim Merida and Marion Sowders for the awards presentation.

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Top League Teams
Rookies: Girdler, Hampton and Barbourville, 2nd place tie. Lay, 1st place.

Junior Varsity: Lynn Camp, 3rd place. Lay, Central and Hampton, 2nd place tie. Barbourville, 1st place.

Varsity: Flat Lick, 3rd place. Lay, 2nd place. Hampton and Barbourville, 1st place tie.

Individual Team MVP’s
Rookies: Kendal Grubb (Barbourville), Trenton Melendez (Central), Lukas Mills (Dewitt), Wesley Hall (Girdler), Lynnsey Cole (Hampton), Andrew Daniels (Lay), and Elijah Brock (Lynn Camp).

Junior Varsity: Sarah Pedersen (Barbourville), Jenna Davis (Central), Dylan Bingham (Dewitt), Zachary Patterson (Flat Lick), Seth Duncan (Girdler), Taylor Mcright (Hampton), Mitchell Buchanan (Lay), and Matt Disney (Lynn Camp).

Varsity: Braxton Chafin (Barbourville), Caden Melendez (Central), Savannah Ross (Dewitt), Savanna Gray (Flat Lick), Lucas Lambo (Girdler), Abram Mills (Hampton), Hannah Daniels (Lay), and Keden Gray (Lynn Camp).

Overall League MVP’s
Rookies: Andrew Daniels and Wesley Hall, 2nd place. Lynnsey Cole and Elijah Brock, 1st place.

Junior Varsity: Jenna Davis, 4th place. Matt Disney, 3rd place. Sarah Pedersen, 2nd place. Mitchell Buchanan, 1st place.

Varsity: Lucas Lambo and Caden Melendez, 4th place. Savanna Gray, 3rd place. Braxton Chafin, 2nd place. Abram Mills, 1st place.