Wall of Excellence continues to grow at Central

Banners display photos of students who scored Distinguished on KPREP at Central.

Banners greet students each morning at Central Elementary School, but they are not the type you typically see hanging in schools.   Athletics nor inspirational messages cover the walls, rather near life size photos of the school’s top achievers.

Banners with photos of students welcome visitors to Central Elementary.

“Students who scored distinguished across the board on KPREP go on the Wall of Excellence,” explained principal Eric Hubbard.  One wall has turned into two in the downstairs lobby facing the highway.

The most exciting part, as Hubbard proudly states, “is the Wall keeps growing!”   On Friday he was seen adding the final banners from last year’s KPREP assessment.

The banners stay up year after year so students can reflect on their past success while encouraging their peers and themselves to score high in the future.   The goal is for the lower level lobby walls to fill until the whole school is full of student photos displaying their academic success.

Current members of the Wall of Excellence are Noah Partin, John Hobbs, Shyloh Gray, Ethan Smith, Allie Holstein, Tyson Price, Jathan Blalock, Jeffrey Hammons, Christopher Hubbard, Alyssa Williamson, Jacob Davidson, Katie Jackson, Gina Vaughn, Sophi Deaton, Wendell Goodin, Jade Napier, and Clarissa Manning.