The Comforts of Learning at Central Elem.

The culture of Silicon Valley businesses meets the comforts of home in one classroom at Central Elementary.

Students have the choice to choose their seat while they learn and participate in Sheila Mills’ classroom.  This past summer Mills took to the Internet to find funding for alternatives to typical school chairs.

“I received a donation from Donors Choose over the summer and purchased 4 wobble seats, 2 yoga balls, 2 bean bags, and a small sofa,” shared Mills.  “I since have purchased 8 yoga balls, made 4 craft seats, a few pillows, and had parents donate 3 chairs.”

From bean bags to yoga balls, the seating options mimic what one might find in the offices of Google or other technology giants.  What was discovered to make a difference in culture for businesses has now made its way to the classroom.  The difference can be seen, and felt, by students and guests alike.

“This has made a huge difference in the dynamics of the room as well as how students, especially ADHD students, work in the classroom,” said Mills.

During Dr. Seuss’ birthday week at the school many guests visited Mills’ classroom for the first time and commented on the seating choices.

“Many teachers have asked about the seating and I do not mind them visiting the room or asking questions if they are interested,” said Mills.

Mills can be contacted at Central Elementary or via email at

Posted on March 11, 2017