Board conducts pre-Thanksgiving holiday meeting

Knox County Board of Education

In under twenty minutes, the Knox County Board of Education took needed actions and heard discussions from the architect on current projects before adjourning for the fall break and Thanksgiving holiday.  The meeting, like many since March, was limited to a maximum of ten (10) people, including school board members and staff, pursuant to the Coronavirus Guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control; the 03/12/2020 Meeting Protocols for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) issued by the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet, KRS 61.810(1)(k), KRS 61.826, OAG 20-05 and SB 150.  Video of the meeting is available at the end of this page and on the website.

Communication Items

Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles informed the Board of the current state of learning in the school district.  Sprinkles explained the Governor’s executive order for schools that took effect on Monday.  If Knox County is no longer a red county, as determined by the Kentucky Department for Public Health based on the incidence rate of the past seven days, elementary students through grade five will be eligible to return to school on December 7.  Middle and high school students will continue Learning@Home until January 4, 2021, per the order.  Sprinkles also explained that the current orders state that schools have the option of bringing in small groups for targeted instruction, with the time spent at school being two hours or less.  In the past month, several Knox County schools started small group instruction.  Sprinkles said that the incidence rate map will be reviewed prior to November 30 to determine if those small groups can continue to meet.  Students in the Knox County Public Schools are on fall break the week of November 23.

Scott Noel provided construction project updates to the Board.  During a recent wind storm, the wind guards at the newly constructed Knox Central Tennis Courts were damaged.  Noel explained that it was one of the punch list items already, as the vendor had painted the material black to leave lettering on the original mesh material white.  As a result, the paint reduced the wind flow through the fabric.  They will be replaced along with other minor punch ticket items.  Noel also stated that his firm is continuing to look at options for the Lynn Camp Greenhouse.  A vendor in Ohio has been contacted to determine what a new education grade greenhouse would cost on the current site.  Noel stated that he would continue to contact other vendors to obtain a price comparison.  He expressed interest in the Board conducting a work session to look through the proposals and determine the next steps.


Highlights of Action Items

  • The Board approved a copier purchase for Knox Central High School.
  • An advertisement for bids for chemical services for athletic fields was approved and will soon be made public.
  • Using available funding from the Volkswagen Settlement Agreement, the Board agreed to purchase three buses.
  • A continued agreement with the Elgin Foundation will provide dental services for elementary age students.
  • An offer of assistance from the School Facilities Construction Commission for KETS (Kentucky Education Technology) was made in the amount of $27,524.  The funds must be matched equally by the Board of Education.
  • Following discussion during the communications section of the meeting, the Board added an item to approve a pay application for the tennis court project.  The release of payment is contingent upon punch list items and completion of work, as determined by the Superintendent, the project construction manager, and architect Noel.

The next meeting of the Knox County Board of Education is set for Monday, December 14, 6:45 pm, at the Knox County Board of Education Annex.  Official minutes of the November meeting will be available once approved by the Board at the next meeting.


A copy of the tentative agenda follows (does not include the amendment to include pay application for tennis courts).

Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance

A. Reports to the Board

i. Architect Construction Updates
ii. Superintendent’s Learning@School and Learning@Home Update

I. Adopt Agenda

II. Actions by Consent
A. Acknowledgment of Financial Statements and Financial Reports, Bills and Claims, Previous Board Meeting Minutes, Superintendent’s Personnel Report, Maintenance Report, Field Trip Report, Fundraisers, and Request to Use District Property.

III. District Facilities and Operations
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on Copier Purchase for KCHS School
B. Discuss and/or Take Action on bid advertisement for Chemical Service for Athletic Fields 2021 calendar year
C. Discuss and/or Take Action on purchasing three Buses thru the Volkswagen Settlement Agreement

IV. Governance and Leadership

V. Teaching and Learning

VI. Resources and Support Systems
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on Elgin Children’s Elementary School Dental Grant Program Agreement
B. Discuss and/or Take Action on KETS Offer of Assistance FY21 of $27,524.00

VII. Other Action Items with Discussion

VIII. Adjournment