Board amends calendar and approves policies during June meeting

Knox County Board of Education

Board members conducted the June meeting in person at the Knox County Board of Education Annex following CDC guidelines for social distancing and limiting those in the room.  The meeting was streamed live and is available for viewing below.

Communication Items

Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles provided Board members with construction updates from around the district.  The company that will be providing construction on the new Knox Central tennis courts was to mobilize today, but given the weather, that has not occurred. The first construction meeting will be on July 1.  A purchase order has been issued for lift stations for the sewer project at Lynn Camp. The company is ready to begin.  A vendor has been located for the Lynn Camp greenhouse panels.  It is planned to use in house labor for installation.  The local planning committee will be reconvening via an online meeting with results for the July or August meeting.

The Superintendent also provided an update on reopening school for the upcoming year.  He shared with Board members that a task force has been assigned at the Kentucky Department of Education to address with the Department of Public Health.  All the guidance has not been given that is needed and expected, but over the coming weeks we anticipate more information.  The district has put together a committee to get feedback on items that we must address to get back to school.  “There are still lots of questions to be answered,” said Sprinkles.

Highlights of Action Items

  • The Board approved the Federal Cash Statement of Assurance for requesting federal funding to be released, transferred $86,442 from the future construction fund to the tennis court project, and transferred $172,000 into the General Fund for payable sick leave.  Bond renewals were authorized for school bookkeepers.  Funding assurances for the district were approved as part of federal guidelines for receiving funds.
  • Contracts approved include copier maintenance renewal, Tyler Forms MUNIS software renewal for finance, Leader in Me agreement for Knox Central, MOA for Read to Achieve and Math Achievement, Cumberland Valley Care Center for school treatment services, Andrea Perkins for orientation and mobility services, Lite the Nite technologies to process the district’s e-rate funding, and membership with Southeast South Central education cooperative.
  • The Board heard an update on insurance that was tabled from the May meeting.  Finance Officer Gertrude Smith worked on obtaining an additional quote, from EMC Insurance, that provided similar coverage at a cost reduction of nearly $40,000.  Superintendent Sprinkles stated that he did a reference check on the company and they serve several districts in eastern Kentucky.
  • Bids for supplies and services were awarded for the upcoming school year.  A complete list of approved local vendors will be posted on the KCPS website in the upcoming week.
  • The Board approved policy and procedure updates for the upcoming year as well as handbooks for students, staff, and substitutes.
  • The Board discussed and voted to amend the 2020-2021 academic calendar to start school on Monday, August 24.  The adjusted calendar will allow 11 teacher workdays at the beginning and throughout the year to modify curriculum and update pacing.

The complete minutes of the June 15 meeting will be approved at the Board’s July meeting set for Monday, July 27 at 6:45 pm.

A copy of the agenda follows and is available for download.


Moment of Silence

A. Reports to the Board

i. Architect Construction Updates

I. Adopt Agenda

II. Actions by Consent
A. Acknowledgment of Financial Statements and Financial Reports, Bills and Claims, Previous Board Meeting Minutes, Superintendent’s Personnel Report, Maintenance Report, Field Trip Report, Fundraisers, and Request to Use District Property.

III. District Facilities and Operations
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on Federal Cash Statement of Assurance for
B. Discuss and/or approve Action on Bids for Supplies and Services for the 2020-2021 School Year
C. Discuss and/or Take Action to transfer $86,442 from the Commitment for Future Construction General Fund account (10-8745) to the Construction Fund Knox Central Tennis Courts Project (360-5210-8062)
D. Discuss and/or Take Action to Restrict Sick Leave Payable in the amount of $187,000 at June 30, 2020 in the General Fund Balance Sheet Account (10-8732) in accordance with KRS 157.420
E. Discuss and/or Take Action on Bookkeeper Bond Renewal FY20
F. Discuss and/or Take Action on District Funding Assurances for FY21
G. Discuss and/or Take Action on the Copier Contract Agreements
H. Discuss and/or Take Action on Renewal of Property, Fleet, General Liability, and Umbrella Educator’s Legal Liability Insurance Policy FY21
I. Discuss and/or Take Action on Renewal of Tyler Forms MUNIS Contract for FY21

IV. Governance and Leadership
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on KSBA 2020 Policy Update (#43) and Procedure Update (#24) and district initiated changes– First and only reading in accordance with Board policy 01.5 Enactment of Policy
B. Discuss and/or Take Action on 2020-2021 Student, Employee, and Substitute Handbooks
C. Discuss and/or Take Action on Amending the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar

V. Teaching and Learning
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on One Special Need Student’s Shortened School Week/Day Waiver
B. Discuss and/or Take Action on The Leader in Me/FranklinCovey Client Sales, Inc. Agreement for Knox Central High School
C. Discuss and/or Take Action on Math Achievement Memorandum of Agreement 2020-2021SY
D. Discuss and/or Take Action on Memorandum of Agreement for Read to Achieve grant 2020-2021SY

VI. Resources and Support Systems
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on Independent Contract Agreement with Andrea Perkins, Orientation and Mobility Specialist for the Visually Impaired
B. Discuss and/or Take Action on Contract with Cumberland River Comprehensive Care Center for School-Based Treatment Services for August 2019 – July 2020 academic school year
C. Discuss and/or Take Action on Contract with Lite the Nite Technologies for USF Funding
D. Discuss and/or Take Action on South East South Central (SESC) CO-OP Membership

VII. Other Action Items with Discussion
A. Discuss and/or Take Action on Certification for Adjunct Instructor

VIII.        Adjournment

This meeting will be limited to a maximum of ten (10) people, including school board members and staff, pursuant to the Coronavirus Guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control; the 03/12/2020 Meeting Protocols for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) issued by the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet, KRS 61.810(1)(k), KRS 61.826, OAG 20-05 and SB 150.  Also, this meeting will be live-streamed and available for viewing at